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529,000,000 Souls

Capturing a Heart for America

The harvest, or the gathering of men together for the kingdom of God, is truly ripe in “America”.
 |  Dave Williamson  |  North America

The thought of the continent of North America as a field ripe for harvest is likely an acceptable picture for most Christians. If we were honest, I suspect the thought of “America” as a mission field would not be a picture in such clear focus.

We have all seen photos that are out of focus. The object that has been captured appears unclear; perhaps even distorted. We live in an age of digital cameras and iPhones which allows a person to immediately view the image that has been captured and to evaluate its likeness and quality. If you are anything like this photographer (and I use that term figuratively) you often are forced to take another photo; to recapture or capture the image again.

I had to adopt this perspective when considering “America” as a mission field. Oh, I certainly reflect on “America” as a nation fallen away from God. I would emphatically agree with those that assert that “America” needs revival. But “America” as a mission field ripe for harvest has not been the focus of this photographer. I hadn’t yet truly captured that image. My picture was unclear. The image that I had in my mind was out of focus; distorted.

Our mission conference has brought my picture into better focus. The harvest, or the gathering of men together for the kingdom of God, is truly ripe in “America”. While “America” may be known as a Christian nation, this part of the North American continent has ninety-five (95) unreached people groups totally over ten million lost souls. There are indigenous, Native Americans by the hundreds of thousands that need the gospel. There are transposed Jews, Japanese, and Muslims by the droves that know nothing personal about our God. There are pockets and pockets of subcultures within America where the Truth has never been preached.

My picture has become more clear. The image is becoming less distorted. I had to refocus. I had to recapture the image. The whole world needs the gospel. This includes America.